Material Specifications

Staiman Recycling is a dependable, trusted, and preferred supplier to mills and foundries throughout the east coast and overseas.
We supply them with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as paper and cardboard. We have earned our reputation for reliability and integrity through our high customer service standards. We take great pride in consistently producing high-quality products.

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Light Iron
Unprepared Steel
Unclean Auto Motors
No. 1 Machinery Cast
Heavy Breakable Cast
Cupola (yard) Cast
Other Track Material (OTM)
Rails, 2 ft. and Under
Scrap Rail
Heavy Steel


Bare Bright
No. 1 Copper Wire
No. 2 Copper Wire
Light Copper
#1 Insulated Copper Wire
#2 Insulated Copper Wire
#3 Insulated Copper Wire
CATV Coated
CATV with Iron
Copper Bearing
Copper Transformers
Electric Motors
Sealed Units
Red Brass
81 Metal (semi-red)
Irony Brass
Yellow Brass
Car Radiators
Irony Car Radiators
Heater Cores
Stainless Steel
316 Stainless Steel
304 Stainless Steel
Irony Stainless steel
Carbide Inserts and Tips
Stainless Steel Turnings
Tool Steel
Aluminum Cans
Aluminum Sheets
Aluminum Foil
Aluminum Cast
Aluminum Siding
Insulated ACSR
Aluminum Clip
Aluminum Litho
Aluminum Extrusions 10/10
Aluminum Thermal Extrusions
Irony Aluminum
Aluminum Wire EC Bare
Aluminum Transformers
Aluminum Die Cast
Irony Aluminum Die Cast
Aluminum Radiators
Irony Aluminum Radiators
Irony Aluminum Copper Radiators
Aluminum Copper Radiators
Aluminum Car Rims
Aluminum Truck Rims
Aluminum CATV
Insulated Aluminum EC wire
Industrial Batteries
Soft Lead
Lead Wheel Weights
Lead Shot