About Staiman Recycling

Operating Over 100 Years, We’re Proud of Our History and Team.

Founded more than a hundred years ago, Staiman Recycling has grown to become a leading processor and distributor of scrap metals and fibers on the east coast. We collect, process, and sell a wide variety of metals and fibers.

Our locations are in Williamsport and Hanover, Pennsylvania, and Elmira, New York but our reach extends up and down the east coast and continues to expand westward. Our versatile logistics system utilizes trucks, containers, and railcars to ship by land and sea.

In addition to our recycling and processing centers, we partner with business and industrial scrap generating facilities by providing reliable, cost-effective recycling services. We deliver individualized scrap management programs that conserve resources and optimize recycling programs.

Our brokerage division utilizes up-to-the-minute pricing, industry knowledge, and our versatile logistics system to provide buyers and sellers prompt service and optimal transaction value.

Our Management Team

If you would like to learn more about the Staiman Recycling Corporation, please feel free to contact us. We welcome the opportunity to hear from you and share with you the benefits of being a member of the Staiman team.

Richard Staiman, President

As president of Staiman Recycling Corporation, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal suppliers and customers for your support throughout the years. In 2010, we celebrated 110 years of service to Williamsport, PA, and the surrounding areas. We recognize that dedicated teamwork and strong business relationships have made this achievement possible and we look forward to many more years of continued success.

At this time, I would also like to extend an invitation for new business opportunities. If your company requires professional, courteous, and timely service, please contact one of our experienced team members below and they will be glad to assist you.

Very truly yours,
Richard Staiman

Seth Keller, Senior Vice President

Seth joined Staiman in 1995 and has over 30 years in the scrap recycling industry. His knowledge of all areas of the industry makes him one of the most experienced members of the Staiman team. Seth currently is our senior vice president and his primary focus is the ferrous market.

Office: (570) 323-9494 X238
Cell: (570) 419-6429

Crystal Hartzel, Fiber Accounts Manager

As one of the most valuable members of the Staiman team, Crystal brings a great deal of experience to her position. Crystal began her career with Staiman Brothers, Inc. in 1986. She is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of scale operations, logistics, and all other daily operations. Her vast experience has proven to be extremely beneficial to all of our suppliers and customers, so much so that in 2009 Staiman Brothers, Inc. promoted her to Fiber Accounts Representative where she handles the purchase/sale of all fiber and plastic.

For friendly, reliable, and knowledgeable service, please contact Crystal for all of your fiber recycling needs.
Office: (570) 323-9494 X218
Cell: (570) 337-3405

Michael Kirwin, General Manager – Staiman Recycling NY

Mike joined the Staiman Recycling family in 2015 when he became the General Manager of our Staiman Recycling, NY. He has been a part of the recycling industry for decades and is knowledgeable in all areas of ferrous, nonferrous, and fiber recycling.

Should you have questions regarding the quality services that Staiman Recycling Corporation can provide your company, whether it is on-site demolition and removal of recyclable materials or a competitive price quote for ferrous material, contact Mike Kirwin

Cell: (570) 419-5660

Lenny Brenner, Sales

Lenny Brenner joined our team to help with the outside sourcing of scrap metals for us in 2020. He brings a lifetime of experiences and friends. To contact Lenny:

Email: lennybrenner@gmail.com
Cell: (570) 578-2486

Recycling Pioneers

In 1898, Kalman and Jacob Staiman, immigrant brothers, settled in Elmira, NY. Two years later, they relocated to Williamsport, PA, and recognizing the need for recycling in their new home, founded Staiman Recycling Corporation. In the beginning, the company specialized in the processing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials and wastepaper. Four generations of Staimans (the current company President is the great-grandson of Kalman) and 114 years later, this prominent recycling company is still privately held and continues to evolve. The company’s current headquarters were built after a fire in 1955 destroyed the original Center Street offices.






As the need for recycling has grown, so have the Staiman businesses. In 1996, Staiman Recycling Corporation was formed and in 2013 Staiman Recycling, NY was added. Today, Staiman Recycling Corporation serves the needs of the ferrous and non-ferrous recycling and process industry; Staiman Recycling Corporation continues to serve the paper and, most recently, the Staiman Recycling NY Inc. services recyclers in New York State.

Over the past century, Staiman has consistently supplied customers with quality material by processing thousands of tons of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and wastepaper each year. As in the early years, Staiman relies on a dedicated workforce to meet company goals and standards. However, modern technology is required to keep up with the demands of today’s fast-paced world. Staiman utilizes various types of equipment to make quick work of what used to be a time-consuming and manual labor-intensive process. Our privately owned commercial fleet of trucks assures that pick-ups and deliveries are made in a timely manner to ensure the flow of product. From there cranes, front-end loaders, forklifts, Bobcats/skid steers easily move materials throughout the yard to processing stations. Metal and paper materials are baled and loaded into containers quickly and efficiently. Most impressive are the shears. With two hydraulic guillotine shears, 500 ton and 1,000 ton stationed in the yard, and a 1,300 ton mobile Genesis shear, steel is processed quickly for shipments to our consumers throughout the eastern United States, Canada, and overseas.

The expansion has also come in the form of finding additional locations to obtain and process materials. The Newberry Rail Division is located just a few miles from the Williamsport facility and material is easily processed and transported daily from both facilities. To serve the needs of the southeastern part of the state and surrounding areas better, the Hanover Division was created and is a full-service yard open six days a week.

The Best Is Yet To Come

Obviously, this is just a brief outline of our company history and current operations. We plan on maintaining our position as the premier recycler in central Pennsylvania for many years to come. There is much Staiman history yet to be written and many changes to be made as the industry continues to expand and change. If you would like to learn more about Staiman Recycling Corporation, please feel free to contact us. We welcome the opportunity to hear from you and share with you the benefits of being a member of the Staiman team.

Trusted Partners

With help from our trusted partners, our commitment to the future is ironclad. Through continuous investment, we will further reinforce our commitment to our customers, employees, and the Williamsport, Hanover, and Elmira communities in which we operate.