Staiman’s Owns and Utilizes the Best Equipment for Recycling.

Over the past century, Staiman has consistently supplied customers with quality material by processing thousands of tons of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and wastepaper each year. As in the early years, Staiman relies on a dedicated workforce to meet company goals and standards. However, modern technology is required to keep up with the demands of today’s fast-paced world. Staiman utilizes various types of equipment to make quick work of what used to be a time consuming and manual labor-intensive process.

Our privately owned commercial fleet of trucks assures that pick-ups and deliveries are made in a timely manner to ensure the flow of product. From there cranes, front-end loaders, forklifts, Bobcats/skid steers easily move materials throughout the yard to processing stations. Metal and paper materials are baled and loaded into containers quickly and efficiently. Most impressive are the shears. With two hydraulic guillotine shears, 500 ton and 1,000 ton stationed in the yard, and a 1,300 ton mobile Genesis shear, steel is processed quickly for shipments to our consumers throughout the eastern United States, Canada, and overseas.

Included in the company’s equipment is an Insulated #1 and #2 Chopping Line, Guillotine Shears (a 1000 ton Logemann and a 500 ton Harris), Hydraulic Balers, and Mobile Shears, along with a full torch cutting crew.

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