Staiman Recycling buys all varieties of  ferrous and non-ferrous metals. 
Insulated copper wire and copper tubing, radiators, air condition coils, brass pipe, aluminum siding and extrusions, cast iron, stainless steel, alloys, appliances, cars, unprepared steel, and light iron are just a few of the many scrap metal items we recycle.
We also recycle cardboard, paper, and e-scrap. 

Questions about what we recycle? Visit our frequently asked questions page for answers to common questions or contact us. 

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What We Buy

FERROUS: Staiman Recycling produces a variety of high-quality ferrous-scrap products for foundry and steel-mill melting applications. We utilize effective process management and state-of the-art technology and equipment to deliver quality, consistency, and reliability.

Light Iron
Unprepared Steel

Unclean Auto Motors
No. 1 Machinery Cast
Heavy Breakable Cast
Cupola (yard) Cast

Other Track Material (OTM)
Rails, 2 ft. and Under
Scrap Rail
Heavy Steel

STEEL: Staiman Recycling is a trusted and preferred supplier of a substantial volume of raw material to steelmakers. 
Our standard products are shown below. Contact us for specific product questions.

Unprepared Steel Heavy

Heavy Melt Steel generally has 2 classifications. #1 Prepared, and Unprepared. #1 Prepared Heavy Melt Steel consists of at least 1/4″ thick steel cut into no more than 2ft x 5ft sections. Unprepared material is just as the name suggests, large pieces of unprepared Steel and machinery. The Steel should be clean and free of any dirt, debris, or attachments. There should be no Copper , Aluminum , Brass and Bronze, or Stainless Steel attached to the Steel. Cut up pieces of Large Scrap Machinery, Scrap Excavator Buckets, Scrap Excavator tracks, Clean vehicle rims (small and large), and anything that follows the criteria but is not Prepared Plate and Structure.

Unprepared P&S

Heavy Breakable Cast


Auto Motors


NONFERROUS: Staiman Recycling produces a variety of high-quality nonferrous products. Our processing capabilities include baling, shearing, and chopping. A century of knowledge of nonferrous processing and a commitment to high-quality products and exceptional customer service makes Staiman Recycling the obvious choice for nonferrous scrap products.

Bare Bright
No. 1 Copper Wire
No. 2 Copper Wire
Light Copper
#1 Insulated Copper Wire
#2 Insulated Copper Wire
#3 Insulated Copper Wire
CATV Coated
CATV with Iron
Copper Bearing
Copper Transformers
Electric Motors
Sealed Units

Red Brass
81 Metal (semi-red)
Irony Brass
Yellow Brass
Car Radiators
Irony Car Radiators
Heater Cores
Stainless Steel
304 Stainless Steel
316 Stainless Steel
Irony Stainless steel
Carbide Inserts and Tips
Stainless Steel Turnings
Tool Steel

Aluminum Cans
Aluminum Sheets
Aluminum Foil
Aluminum Cast
Aluminum Siding
Insulated ACSR
Aluminum Clip
Aluminum Litho
Aluminum Extrusions 10/10
Aluminum Thermal Extrusions
Irony Aluminum
Aluminum Wire EC Bare
Aluminum Transformers
Aluminum Die Cast
Irony Aluminum Die Cast

Aluminum Radiators
Irony Aluminum Radiators
Irony Aluminum Copper Radiators
Aluminum Copper Radiators
Aluminum Car Rims
Aluminum Truck Rims
Aluminum CATV
Insulated Aluminum EC wire
Industrial Batteries
Soft Lead
Lead Wheel Weights
Lead Shot

FIBER: Staiman Recycling buys, sells, and processes all types of fiber products.

Our standard products are shown below. Contact us for specific product questions.

Hard White
Manifold White
Manifold Colored

Double Lined Kraft
Office Paper
Coated Book

News Blank
News Paper
Corrugated Cardboard


Corrugated Cardboard

Office Paper

News Print

E-SCRAP: Staiman Recycling buys, sells, and processes all types of e-scrap products.

Our standard products are shown below. Contact us for specific product questions.

Cell Phones
Hard Driver Boards
Memory Chips
Green Boards

RAM boards
Finger Cards
Tinned Memory
Slot Cards

Aluminum & Copper Heat Sinks
Power Supplies
Gold Plug-ins


Cell Phones

Mother Boards

Heat Sinks

Green Boards




Memory Chips

Excluded Items


Affirming our support of and compliance with Federal and State environmental and hazardous substance regulations and employee "right to know" laws, NO Staiman Recycling facility will accept the following items:
  • Closed containers of any type
  • All scrap pipe used for hydraulic fracturing with detonating charges
  • Cans and/or any other containers suspected of containing liquid, powder, gases, fumes, etc., that may be considered hazardous or potentially hazardous
  • Metallic scrap contaminated with hazardous substances or hazardous materials
  • Transformers of any type without documentation stating that they are empty and do not contain PCBs
  • Liquids or fluids, except for batteries that are in good condition
  • Cracked or leaking batteries
  • Nickel-cadmium batteries
  • Alkaline batteries
  • Switches or other equipment containing liquid mercury
  • Equipment containing pressurized refrigerant gases such as CFCs or HCFCs
  • Radioactive materials or radioactively contaminated materials
  • Compressors (unless removed from appliances)
  • Asbestos containing materials
  • Any PCB-containing or PCB-contaminated equipment, piping, storage vessels, or other materials
  • Metal materials with significant non-metal materials loosely associated (not an incorporated part of the recyclable metal material). Examples include:
    • Glass
    • Plastic
    • Concrete
    • Bricks
    • Soil
    • Insulation
  • Residual waste as defined in the Pennsylvania Residual Waste Regulations
  • Hazardous waste as defined in the Pennsylvania Hazardous Waste Regulations
  • Microwave Ovens
  • All fluorescent fixtures (unless ballasts, bulbs, and mercury switches have been removed)
  • Military scrap (i.e., projectiles, shell casings, etc.) that is not de-activated and certified.
  • Hospital/medical scrap (unless written certification indicates that this material is free of radioactive material)
  • Computer Monitors
  • Televisions
  • Lead dust


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